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Sep 23, 2012 8:00am PDT
to the playoffs. good morning i marty >> i'm isabel >> more and actions at other by chevron. federal authorities have opened a criminal investigation on chevron. the allowed them to burn off without officials milling about it. they say that some of the gases leaked into the air. because chevron did not record them they have no idea how much coke pollution and the air. >> the community is having a meeting. >>marty: let's get back to the giants. let's show you the highlights. he does had ever heels into the stands. but he catches it. >> later their two runs and driven and. the giants with an attack on a couple more runs. here is the final out. it is a liner to center and is tied to celebrate. let's let the champagne flowed year. >> we got it done. this is really good. >> this is what you work for. >> we have to finish the last few games of the regular season. >> at this is great. this is a stepping stone. >> we are going to take a break and enjoy it and save their what just happened but then we need to get ready for the playoffs. ysabel: the hair is more of the locker room celeb
Sep 2, 2012 8:00am PDT
counties, arrests are down from this same time last year. >>marty: in the south bay, work is well under way at the dumbarton bridge. it has been closed since friday night for seismic retrofitting. the cruise demolished some old concrete is this video 50 if they are now for during to install a new steel hardware flaw in order to make the joint more secure. caltrans says the new joint will be crucial in making the joints safer in the event of an earthquake. >> the size of a joint will be placed underneath the hard side of that joint. in the new joints will allow the bridge to move up to 42 in >> they are still cautious about predicting that the bridge will reopen before 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. >> with this weekend's closure of the dumbarton bridge, we wanted to alert you to the alternate routes and we're you will be likely to find the biggest traffic impact. the bridge will be closing friday night at 10:00 p.m.. it is not scheduled to reopen until tuesday morning at 5 d of tariff if most of the traffic is likely to end up here on the san mateo bridge as it is the closest alternate route.
Sep 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
romney collecting more campaign cash as the election date gets closer. good morning. >>marty: fit morning, top stories in a moment a first-come a quick check of the weekend forecast. >>janu: we are bringing in the first day of fall nicely. mostly clear skies above the golden gate. cool temperatures theories and the and one today. really 70's and 80's. offs your full forecast coming up in just a bit. >>marty: the second night of vandalism in san francisco mission district. here is a look at the scene from last night. that was a police station in the missions. you concede paint and other damage done to the outside the building. one officer was hit with an object. sits there are two banks in the area that also vandalized. all of this a result of a demonstration earlier in the night at delores carr where protesters gathered to demonstrate against an officer involved shooting. the incident happened thursday night in the 200 block of 14th street. police say an officer opened fire on a suspect who pulled a pistol as he was on the run. the suspect is expected to survive. >>ysabel: it w
Sep 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
in their own body, right? that's the first group that needs to be let out. [applause] >> marty, let me ask you, you're obviously part of the california district attorney's association, as we were talking before the panel began, you shared with me that your organization has previously supported a measure that mark leno brought forward to lower the punishment for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to a misdemeanor to an infraction. in this case your organization is essentially opposed to it. what do you say to mr. adelman and mr. gascon? >> i think one of the things i want to point out is that in terms of the changes currently taking place in california's criminal justice system is that we have embarked on a very, very large experiment and that's called realignment. prison population in california is going to approach by -- or sometime next year the federal mandate of 130,000. we've already released some 50,000 individuals to serve their time locally, and these offenses that we were talking about here are currently in the list of offenses that were to be served in county jails now. an
Sep 1, 2012 6:07pm PDT
in califoia to support senator leno's direction. why is that? >> i want to thank marty for being here. even though we disagree, i think it was really important to have the point of view of the 57 other elected d.a.'s in the state. i think it's important to understand in our dialogue so marty, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> marty is someone i respect a great deal and he has been involved in public safety for a number of years and doing very momably serving the l.a. city attorney as well as his current position. actually, for me this has been a journey, it's not like a light switch went on yesterday. i have been involved in public safety for about 30 years. i have seen the war on drugs from the ground up. i have seen it as a police officer, young police officer walking, foot beat in south central and east l.a. i saw the revolving door, the impact that that revolving door was having in many communities and as i rose through the ranks, i began to take a different look at the way we dealt with crime and the way we dealt with public safety and as i evolved throughout the years, i came
Sep 2, 2012 9:07am PDT
. >> tal, let me ask you to respond to perhaps marty's point. you're a deputy public offender in san francisco and you've handled dozens of drug case, drug possession cases, you've been -- a lot of people caught their attention when you were quoted in the press saying the way we handle drug enforcement here in california is in effect a war on crumbs instead of the often used phrase on drugs. how do you respond to his remarks? >> well, i think the first thing that we have to recognize is that the majority of people who are caught up in the criminal justice system and who are prosecuted for this type of offense for possession offenses and to some degree possession for sale offenses, the vast majority are indigent people and the vast majority of those indigent people are people of color. so what you have are two systems in place. you have a system where privileged white middle class people basically use drugs, college campuses, frat parties, not clubs, they use drug with impunity, they don't have to worry about being caught. then you have a system that comes down like a ton of bricks on
Sep 8, 2012 6:30pm PDT
that burden on the local counties. >> tal, can you respond to marty's point and wendy's? >> i can say just based on my experience in dealing with individuals who have drug problems, most of the time i don't think that the threat of a quote, unquote, felony conviction is going to necessarily prevent them from using. i think what would make more sense is to provide them with more services and to be more individualized in terms of treatment and how we address specific individuals. i also would note that when you are facing a misdemeanor charge, you're facing up to a year in county jail. now, sometimes you don't do a year in county jail because of changes that we've made to good time credits, but there is a threat potentially of incarceration that's attached to a misdemeanor conviction. so i think that's threatened us, if you're really looking for hammers and nails, why not just have a threat of a misdemeanor, period, of incarceration. the other thing i would say is that the respect trend has actually has been to implement shorter periods of flash incarceration so you actually provide an immed
Sep 1, 2012 6:37pm PDT
's a different story. >> marty, let me just ask you, has your organization put together any information that would counter claims that decriminalization in this manner has been successful in these other states that have moved in that direction? >> we have not. we have not done any white papers on that issue. >> wendy, can you respond to marty's last argument? he's in effect saying if you come into the criminal justice system with a drug possession charge as a felony, you probably won't end up with a felony conviction if you're willing to seek treatment and very unlikely you would go to prison. you agree with that? >> i think it depends on which county you're in. i think san francisco is the only county in the state that currently has a prop 36 court that is still actively working because the state has defunded all the prop 36 courts in efforts across the state. so i think this provides senator leno's bill really does the right thing and tries to move in a direction that's not contingent to how much money is available within one jurisdiction or not and actually frees up $64 million of ge
Sep 20, 2012 5:30am PDT
that that doesn't seem either to be necessarily a solution. >> i promised to marty we'd be careful to give him equal time here. >> that's all right. that's all right. i already feel the glow of san francisco's progressive approach to things. and in defense to the other counties, i think that, you know, that's the challenge we always face with legislation, should one size fit all? and i think that the whole purpose of the realignment approach was to allow individual counties to experiment with programs in dealing with individuals who are charged with crimes, either providing treatment a little bit more treatment model, and a locally based model because those individuals are from those specific communities. and i think those communities need to have the flexibility to be able to develop those local solutions. obviously, san francisco is blessed with a probation chief and she told me earlier that certain people are supervised by probation and is not the general rule throughout california. i think los angeles, where i'm from, there was no supervision for misdemeanors by the probation department. t
Sep 5, 2012 7:30pm PDT
liberal protestantism? [prof. marty:] i think that the mainstream catholic protestant and reformed and conservative jews will, if i could use a very crass term, hold their part of the market. they'll decline relatively simply because of their great growth of black protestants and hispanics, some catholics, some protestants. but there aren't very big cohort moves. the people who are now moderate and liberal and black protestants are not in the surge towards fundamentalism. hard core fundamentalism, i don't think has as much future as moderate evangelicals and the pentecostals. i think that's where the future is. it's pretty hard to stay hardcore fundamentalist in america. there are so many lures out there and to build rather thick walls is frustrating. it will remain around, but i would watch much more for the exuberant groups black pentecostal, white pentecostal and moderate evangelical. [interviewer:] okay, one of the difficulties people come uwith when we talk about religious diversity and a classroom religious pluralism there's a tendency to say, "well, if you study all the reli
Sep 13, 2012 1:00pm PDT
head. >>> here's a recent radio ad from marty, owner of north star ford. >> marty here for north star ford. i know you heard about our family pricing initiative. over the weekend we had some come steal. >> you're used to our family pricing, family deals. but over the weekend, somebody who wasn't a family member came and stole some stuff from some of our cars. >> i worked in radio for 14 years and never heard news mixed with a commercial like that. >> if you give us a tip that leads to the recovery of these tires and rims and arrest of these criminals we will give you $10,000. >> it's like the national canadian police force. >> if they return these rims, i will call off the pos se. better return those skippy as i get a great deal on commercials. was your friend on the cell phone talking to his sister or maybe calling us to turn you in. >> oh, i would turn somebody in just to hear that funny call. >> this ad hit the airwaves about 90 days ago. right this minute via skype we have marty. welcome to the show. >> how are you doing today? >> give us the news. have you caught the guys. >> no.
Sep 2, 2012 9:37am PDT
want to go back to the question that marty posed earlier, which is in effect this idea that in order to incentivize people making the decision to seek treatment that the fear of a felony conviction or possible state prison sentence could play a positive role. you talk to a lot of people charged with crimes who are trying to make the decision of what decision to make, what is the primary motivation you see coming from them. how do they decision make on dispositions related to drug possession as a felony? >> i think that for a lot of people it does have to be a personal decision and they have to come to it themselves. i don't think they necessarily are thinking about whether whether or not they'd be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. i will also say that sometimes you'll meet someone in county jail and they're ready to get treatment, they're ready to get help and because of the lack of resources, they have to sit in county jail and wait for a bed to open up or wait for there to be an opportunity for them to access treatment. and one of the things that this bill would do ideally woul
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
marty feldstein. and sam nunn dave cote and adam parker. the air ris auto show is under way in france and we'll get behind the way with daimler chairman at 6:15 eastern time. plus the count town continues to election day. our guest this half hour is former new mexico governor bill richardson. he's walking up to set right now. we have a lot to get to with him. and later this morning, staple's co-founder and romney supporter tom stemberg. no one understands the swing state of ohio better than senator rob portman. he'll be joining us from cincinnati. but before we get to all this, and believe me, this is a lot to get on today, let's get you up to speed on this morning's other top headlines with andrew. welcome back. >> thanks. we haven't even talked about football, but i hope we get a chance to. china central bank reportedly injecting 57.9 billion into money markets. regulators are struggling to maintain liquidity without the injection. speaking of china, the country's largest listed steel maker has suspended output at a plant as the economy slows and demand weakens. meantime 4
FOX News
Sep 2, 2012 12:00am EDT
with the savio family attorney marty glink. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thank you for having us. >> susan, my condolences to you. i can't imagine what it is like to have a sister die in the prime of her life but then for it to be the subject of so much testimony. in that sound that we he just heard you said that you you spoke with kathleen just before she died. do you remember how many days you spoke with kathleen before she died? >> two days before she die. temprament was her temperature and demeanor? >> she was depressed and said she wasn't going to make it it. she was scared. >> she was convinced what? >> she wasn't going to make it? >> what would happen to her. >> it was going to be an accident. he was going to kill her. >> judge jeanine: he, of course, being her husband drew peterson. >> um-h'm. >> judge jeanine: did she say at one point she said then kill me, just get it over with? >> yes. >> tell me about that. >> he had gotten her into the house and holded her hostage for hours and haded a knife to her throat and said to her i can just kill you and make it look like an a
Sep 12, 2012 3:00pm EDT
's closing bell exchange panel. mark lehman of jnp securities is with us. marty wolf, m&a advisers and liesman and san till l and sant with us, as well. mark, what do you think? >> we think there's going to be quantitative easing. we don't think it's frankly a meaningful event and it certainly won't have any impact on jobs and jobs creation at this point. >> so, mark, are you a buyer in this market, regardless of the fed, if the fed acts or not? what do you think? >> we're not short-term traders. we think it's been priced in the market. we're more interested in companies like apple and facebook and so forth. >> mark lehman, what do you think? >> i agree. i think the market has priced in the easing. i also think the market is headed higher. i think you're seeing that over the course of the last few weeks and months. that's the best place to put your capital right now and i don't expect that to change through tend of the year. >> steve liesman, what do you think they're thinking at this point? >> you think, i would pay a couple of bucks for that, to know. i'm really interested in our
Sep 12, 2012 4:00pm EDT
's not that worried about falling off the fiscal cliff, though. marty will sxlain next. and then a new report lays out just how much the financial crisis cost taxpayers. you won't believe the staggering bill. back in a moment. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. is now within your grasp with the e-trade 360 investing dashboard. e-trade 360 is the world's first investing homepage that shows you where all your investments are and what they're doing with free streaming quotes, news, analysis and even your trade ticket. everything exactly the way you want it, all on one page. transform your investing with the e-trade 360 investing dashboard. the ec
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 148 (some duplicates have been removed)